About US

For more than 25 years the associates at Watersports Direct International (WDI) have focused on servicing the Hotel and Resort industry by providing the newest and most reliable watersports equipment available on the market.  The best pricing, customer service and dedication to our customers has set WaterSports Direct International aside from all the rest.


WDI is the leading outfitter of sailboats, kayaks and other water sports related products and accessories in the country. From South Florida, we have been servicing hotels and resorts throughout the US, every island in the Caribbean, Central and South America. We ship product to locations as far away as Russia and Qatar. Our extensive customer list includes just about every well known top hotel, cruise line and resort chain that offers water sports as an amenity.


The key to the success of WDI has to do with our level of expertise. The key people at

WDI have been involved in this industry for many years and this experience has served them well along the way. The vast first hand experience with water sports products and accessories translates into knowing what products will be the best fit for your guest’s vacation getaway. We know what products work (and what doesn’t) in any given application.


Similarly, we’ve also developed excellent relationships with our “partners” (the manufacturers, the shippers, the technicians, etc) and that preferential treatment means we can do more for you, our customers.


The philosophy and culture of dedication to customer